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Satellite Broadband Internet

Simply Balanced Satellite Broadband Internet is a Scottish family run satellite broadband internet service provider based in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. We have been installing and maintaining satellite communications systems in remote areas for more than 30 years, from ships far out at sea to remote desert locations. In addition to our satellite internet services we also offer point to point wireless radio links, CCTV, satellite TV and fibre optic TV distribution systems.

We believe that after sales service should be at the heart of our organisation, this is best illustrated through a high level of customer retention and recurring business.  Many of the Company’s clients have used SBBS since inception due to the Company offering the highest standards of service, choice and value. To ensure consistent quality we carry out our own installations and maintenance and do not employ subcontractors.

Avanti 74cm Ka-band antennaWhether you are a farmer, a business in a rural area or you want connectivity at your home or weekend cottage Simply Balanced Business Services can supply, install and maintain a variety of affordable satellite internet solutions to enable you to connect to the Internet and pick up and send your email using Broadband Satellite Internet technologies. Our  satellite internet service is available right across Scotland, the Highlands and Islands.

Simply Balanced Business Services understands that every customer is different, has different needs, aspirations and expectations and will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Tooway 74cm Ka-band antennaSimply Balanced Business Services has a wide range of experience with satellite based communications in industry too; whatever your business requirements are we are sure we have a solution to suit you.

Our satellite broadband internet services are powered by the leading providers of high speed broadband satellite internet in Europe today. We also have extensive connections within the commercial satellite communications industry that allow us to broker specialist and bespoke satellite solutions for our clients.

Call us on 01467 624 543 to discuss your requirements