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4G/LTE Broadband Internet Services

Simply Balanced offers 4G/LTE data services across the whole of Scotland including the Highlands and Islands. As long as you have good 4G/LTE coverage these services will be suitable for you even if your service via phone line is poor. We can even provide acceptable speeds for those on the edge of coverage by using external antennas.

Our services start from 2 GBytes a month to 100 GBytes per month and we can provide boosters up to 100 GBytes per month. Speeds depend on coverage and can be higher than 20Mbps, however contact us with your post code and we can advise what can be achieved at that location.

Our minimum term is 1 month - you are not committed to a long term contract.

The systems are self install and if not able to get good speeds* you can return the SIM card and Router back to us. We can install if preferred.

We can combine with a Satellite terminal to provide a backup with 4G service to provide your site with high resilience and reliability. Depending on which service is the faster you can have either satellite or 4G as your primary and backup service.

See our service details below and contact us to place an order.

SBBS 4G/LTE service Monthly price
2GB 11.00
5GB 14.00
10GB 21.00
20GB 28.00
40GB 44.00
100GB 80.00

If more GBytes are required in any month boosters can be purchased as follows:

SBBS Booster size Booster cost
SBBS 4G Booster 2GB 6.00
SBBS 4G Booster 4GB 12.00
SBBS 4G Booster 10GB 18.00
SBBS 4G Booster 20GB 24.00
SBBS 4G Booster 40GB 48.00
SBBS 4G Booster 100GB 80.00

4G/LTE antennaeClients can provide their own router or buy one from Simply Balanced; router prices start from 149 for a configured router. If the signal inside your house is not strong we can supply external antennas to improve the signal level and therefore the speeds you are able to get. You can self install, however we can quote installation if required.

All prices quoted include VAT at 20%.

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* Speeds depend on the signal strength, the number of people using the 4G service locally, the routing over the Internet, local network conditions and remote server conditions. Note particularly that the signal level will vary depending on how many people are using services on the mobile mast connected to which includes phone calls as well as Internet access users.

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